Leah Shoshanah

Music for the heart, from the heart.

"A Child Like This" (2017)

Leah Shoshanah’s debut album, titled, “A Child Like This”, is the result of a four-year long recording process. The title refers to the birth of the album as well as the content of the album, whose songs weave together the joys, struggles, beauty and pain of growing up. 

Leah began to produce the album in 2013 when she first collaborated with cellist (and father) David Cowen on “Somewhere in Africa”. A recording engineer who saw promise in the project leant her professional quality microphones that she would “borrow” for the next three years. Leah set up a studio in her family’s home and began to learn about making an album by... making an album. She held recording sessions with eclectic musicians from around the city. At times, she would also carry borrowed equipment to musicians’ homes and practice spaces. This unique recording process allowed Leah to overcome limitations in music notation and to develop skills in arrangement and direction to create the songs as she heard them in her heart. The result is a series of tracks varying in style and genre, ornamented with choral-like vocals, cello, upright bass, piano, melodica, mandolin, guitar and recorder. The tracks traverse genres, at times driving with Latin American or folk-rock rhythms and at times soothing to delicate guitar picking and expansive piano accompaniment.  

The songs on “A Child Like This” are ripe with vulnerability. They explore childhood dreams, the meaning of animal totems, love, heartbreak, abortion and summing up the courage to be stronger than you ever knew was possible. Thus, from Leah’s heart to yours, “A Child Like This” is a doorway to a world of travels, spirituality, family, resilience and love. It is a reminder that no one is alone, that we all struggle and that struggle is our connection to each other.

"Across the sea" (2017), prod. by The sailing conductors...

In 2015, Leah met three sailors who travel the world uniting cultures through music. They recorded her song, Across the Sea, and literally took it across the sea to add different instrumental parts. The completed track features 8 musicians recorded in U.S.A., U.K., Netherlands, France, Germany. 

from Songs for Marianne, released May 12, 2017
Vocals & Guitar: Leah Shoshanah - www.leahshoshanah.com 
Drums: James Everest - www.facebook.com/james.everest 
Clarinet: Martin Grozdanoski -www.facebook.com/martin.grozdanoski.1 
Cello: Maya McCourt - www.facebook.com/mayamccourt1 
Piano: Piero Damiani & Dom Benigno -www.facebook.com/dombenignomusic 
Bass: Smutje Hannes

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