"Stillness" (EP) - release date: 2.20.2018

An intimate solo guitar-voice 5-track EP recorded live at Tribeca Flashpoint Studios in Chicago. 

A Child Like This (2017)

World-folk from the heart: dynamic vocals, violin, upright bass, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, melodica and piano underscore mountainous melodies and honest lyrics about the joys, struggles, beauty and pain of growing up.

“A Child Like This”, is the result of a four-year long recording process. The songs on “A Child Like This” are ripe with vulnerability. They explore childhood dreams, the meaning of animal totems, love, heartbreak, abortion and summing up the courage to be stronger than you ever knew was possible. Thus, from Leah’s heart to yours, “A Child Like This” is a doorway to a world of travels, spirituality, family, resilience and love. It is a reminder that no one is alone, that we all struggle and that struggle is our connection to each other. 

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