“Through her unbelievably adaptable voice, Leah Shoshanah shifts tones frequently... but balances folk minimalism so well. Nothing is simple in her messages or in her brilliantly written songs.” - Chaz Thoughts

Leah Shoshanah is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, bandleader and cantorial soloist. She has released two albums, which draw from folk and jazz, and now she’s experimenting with more “electric” styles. As of Spring 2019, she’s spent the past six months exploring 70s funk, indie-pop and come round again to the unpolished sound of her acoustic guitar. She looks forward to excavating the sounds that authentically represent her experience being alive in these exhilarating and terrifying times. In the meantime, her newest single, Brave Woman, will be released on May 24, 2019.

Leah performs both solo and with bands. Sometimes she tours the US, but enjoys being part of a musical community in her hometown of Chicago. Her debut album, “A Child Like This” (2017), features an ensemble of nine musicians, her second release, "Stillness" (2018), is an intimate collection of solo Jazz and Brazilian guitar arrangements. Leah has played to rooms big and small, solo and with bands, from historic Chicago stages (Old Town School, the Green Mill, PianoForte Chicago) to synagogues, church basements, yoga studios and other grassroots community spaces.

As a Cantorial Soloist, Leah sings, plays guitar and writes original adaptations of Jewish prayer and spiritual texts. She enjoys digging through vintage songbooks in library basements and transcribing Youtube recordings of old Sephardic melodies. Leah is the resident Cantorial Soloist for Tzedek Chicago. She also works freelance with communities around the Chicagoland area.