I grew to the sound of my dad’s cello, surrounded by mom’s paintings. Music taught me to compose and art taught me to listen, as compositions show me how to express them— from the lightest shades to the darkest edges.
— Leah Shoshanah

Leah Shoshanah is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Chicago with roots in classical voice study and jazz. Leah's original music ranges the gamut from Samba, Jazz, Classical, Folk and Soul. Listening to Leah's music, you might think she is two different people. Well, she is. At once, she is Shosha Wolf an earthy bandleader known to belt out tunes that range from funk/soul to rock. At the same time, Leah is also a contemplative lyricist and delicate musician with a heart-opening and soothing voice. Right now, you're catching Leah at a transition in her musical career, as she experiments with writing styles and collaborations to figure out how to unite her diverse musical expressions. 

Leah's impressionistic composing style and natural musical fluency root in her upbringing. Born to a mother who is a visual artist and a father who is a cellist, pianist and composer, Leah began studying the arts and performance at a very young age. As an adult, Leah studied Opera under several teachers, including Julia Faulker and Winifred Brown. Though mostly self-taught on guitar, she has also spent time studying under Brazilian guitarist, Luciano Antonio. However, most of Leah's musical education comes from gigging with skilled musicians in Chicago and taking a variety of classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

In June 2017, Leah composed, produced and released her debut album, "A Child Like This", a traditional folk album that sounds "refreshingly original in 2017" (ChazHearne.com). Unlike "A Child Like This", which featured seven different musicians on a myriad of instruments, her upcoming EP "Goodbye Night" (release date 2.20.2018) is an intimate solo album which debuts Brazilian and Jazz guitar technique paired with Leah's beautiful singing and intricate poetry.  

Leah has performed internationally with Opera Africa, and at historic local venues like the Botanic Gardens, The Green Mill, Martyrs and The Old Town School of Folk Music. Her music has also been featured on WFMT's "The Midnight Special". Currently, Leah is exploring collaborations with several musicians in preparation for the creation of her next full length album. In addition to her original music projects, she also serves as the Cantorial Soloist for Tzedek Chicago, teaches at the Old Town School of Folk Music and in Ravinia's Educational Outreach Program, "Reach.Teach.Play."